Business Scope

Business Scope

Service Items
1. Translation of various documents, technical manuals, business and legal materials, research paper, contracts, company profiles, materials for emigration, etc. (print-out and disk are provided);
2. Interpreting for various business conference, negotiation, technical exchange, news release, trade fair and training;
3. Provide assistance in preparing fax, agreement, and communicating with foreign parties;
4. Simultaneous interpreting for medium and large-sized international conferences in a wide range of fields;
5. Rental of equipment for simultaneous interpreting;
6. Translation of video/audio materials;
7. Website localization.
8. Foreign-related secretarial service: Draft faxes or agreements for the customers, and assist them in communication with foreigners;
9. Business agency service: Provide the domestic and overseas entities and companies with various kinds of business agency services;
10. Trainings of spoken foreign languages: Provide the intended immigrants, students, foreign language enthusiasts and company staff with trainings of spoken foreign languages.

The company provides the translation service of the following languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Mongolian, Indonesian, Malay, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian, Dutch, Finnish, Denish, Swedish, Norwegian, Arabic, Indian, Esperanto etc.


We are devoted to providing professional and high-quality service in a timely and accurate manner, including:
1. Interpretation and translation in multiple languages;
2. Simultaneous interpreting and lease of simultaneous interpreting equipment;
3. Foreign-related secretarial and business agency services;
4. Trainings of spoken foreign languages.

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