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Quality Control

All the documents or materials received are sorted out by specialty and given to competent translators for translation so as to ensure a high efficiency and quality.

We have adopted a multi-stage translation and proof-reading system. After a translation work is completed, it will be proof-read by another senior translator and finally checked by a supervisor, and will be set into the appropriate type. Foreign specialists will be invited to be involved in proof-reading of our translation regularly.

Equipped with a number of high performance computers, laser printer, scanner, CD writer, etc., the Company is able to provide translation in various forms (print-out, floppy disc or CD) to meet the needs of customers.

Our QC system consists of the following steps:
1. Establish the quality standards of translation and carry out the standards strictly;
2. Designate the competent translator according to the speciality and technical level of the document;
3. Establish the detailed rules of translation, and standardize the professional terms;
4. Senior Supervisor proofreads the translation to ensure that the translation is accurate and its specification and language style maintain consistent;
5. Professional personnel check the translation against the original document, and conduct correction;
6. Improve the term vocabulary constantly and set up various vocabulary files to ensure that the terms used in similar translation are consistent and accurate;
7. Qualified editor edits and typesets the translation according to the customer’s requirement;
8. Project Manager is responsible for carrying out each step, and QC Manager is responsible for conducting quality supervision of translation and follow-up service.

All of our staff cooperate well with each other and exercise strict control over each step in order to provide professional and high-quality translation to the customers.


We are devoted to providing professional and high-quality service in a timely and accurate manner, including:
1. Interpretation and translation in multiple languages;
2. Simultaneous interpreting and lease of simultaneous interpreting equipment;
3. Foreign-related secretarial and business agency services;
4. Trainings of spoken foreign languages.

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