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English translators, interpreters and proofreaders as well as part-time translators and interpreters of other languages are welcome to join us. Adhering to the corporate spirit of sincere cooperation and mutual benefit, Yuyang will provide the competent translators and interpreters all over the world with the opportunities of career development.
The applicants are requested to send resume (including major, speciality and contact method) to We will arrange trial translation or interview as soon as possible.
I. Senior Supervisor (Location: Zhuhai)
Job description: Responsible for assigning work and providing guidance to translators and conducting overall coordination and proofreading of translation
1.   University graduate or above in the related majors, rich experience in translating scientific and technological documents, good at writing;
2.   Work in an earnest, patient and responsible manner, competent in communication and teamwork.
II.   Full-time Translator (Location: Zhuhai)
Job description: Responsible for translating documents while ensuring the quality of translation conforms to the standards of the company
1.   University graduate or above in the related majors, more than 2 years’ experience as full-time translator;
2.   Good at translating documents between Chinese and English, able to work under pressure;
3.   Good at professional ethics and communication.
III.   Part-time Translator (No limitation on location or number)
We will recruit part-time translators of various languages and specialities for long time. Experienced translators are preferred.
During over 10 years’ successful operation, Yuyang has established good cooperative relations with more than 100 full-time and part-time translators and interpreters, and has enjoyed good reputation in the translation industry. Qualified translators and interpreters are warmly welcome to join us for a bright future.
IV.    Full-time Sales Representative
Job description: Responsible for market development, sales and customer relations
1.   Junior college graduate or above in marketing major or the related majors, more than 1 year’s experience in sales;
2.   Work in an earnest and diligent manner, good at communication;
3.   Know one foreign language; the people with experience in translation are preferred.
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